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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Auto Club | Dirt Show Down

Dirt showdown | Auto Club

The most powerful car racing games destroyer expected for this year

download dirt showdown
Dirt ShowDown
Recommended System requirements

OS: Windows Vista or Windows 7 64 bit
Processor: AMD Bulldozer or Intel Core i7
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: AMD HD5870 or Nvidia GeForce 470GTX
DirectX®: 11
Hard Drive:15 GB HD space
Sound: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

Dirt ShowDown

How to instal:

* Burn or mount.
* Install the
* Copy the cracked files from the Fairlight folder on the DVD to the game dir.
* Block game from the internet to be sure that it won't be a bitch.
* Play the game!

Dirt ShowDown
Programs Important:
Power iso
Direct x 10 or above 
Games for windows live                                                 
Microsoft visual c ++
Agia physic

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

General Motors | Auto Club

Hot Rod Magazine Power

On the training of one week will begin with unprecedented access to GM Milford Proving Ground.

Road trip! 
It's that time of year again for the annual pilgrimage of the car known as Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour Chevrolet and performance helps to get it started on Saturday, June 2, at Ground Milford General Motors. The Tower of power curves in Arlington, Texas, 9 June.

Hot Rod Magazine
With over 3,000 hot rods, muscle cars, trucks, classic cars performance late models and about 12,000 fans who accompany them, the Milford kick-off represents the largest group ever of "civilians" to visit the installation of secure test.

MPG (Milford Proving Ground) is the automotive equivalent of "Area 51", serving as the primary test facility for future GM products. When it opened in 1924, MAG was the first dedicated to the world automotive manufacturer test facility. Today, it covers about 4000 hectares and contains more than 130 miles of driving surfaces of all types, including a 3.8-mile oval track, and a 4.5 mile circular track with steep bank that allows vehicles to be driven around it up to 120 mph without the need for steering input. The "Black Lake" buffer zone is a 67-acre of bitumen used for a variety of vehicle dynamics test. Special certification is required for drivers on some of the tracks.

MPG is also home to the safety of
GM vehicles Lab and impact resistance, where vehicles are crash-test during development, as well as vehicle-build facilities, where the prototypes of future vehicles are built by hand prior to testing.

With countless prototypes and many models in the near future that roam its roads in camouflage, photographers spies constantly try to capture events in MPG. 
The current Chase is an overview of the next generation Corvette, which is known to be under development.

Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour participants and visitors to the Proving Ground June 2 will follow the strict security, including where they can and can not take photos - but GM is offering unprecedented access, including visits and the turn-and-discs on several tracks.

Performance Chevrolet will offer a host of activities and special features, including:
A display engine Heritage
A collection of heritage vehicles
Demonstrations of the power train
Display a GM Design Center.
Chevrolet Performance Vehicles
Chevrolet Performance Vehicles

The launch event also marks the official beginning of the block - a unique online social community for car lovers of all stripes. 
Participants can register on the site and download a profile of their car, and they will also receive a custom decal "QR" code that can be affixed to a window. Lovers of colleagues who scan the code will be taken directly to the home page of the block on the smart phone.

Representatives of the block will be combing through the cars in
Milford, in search of interesting attractions and individuals for future stories. BLOCK, fueled by the performance of Chevrolet, allows consumers to create profiles, message content and discussions of training.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

BMW i8 | New BMW super car

BMW i8 amazing ultimate car

BMW i8 | super ultimate car from BMW
BMW removed the veil from it's amazing ultimate vehicle i8
After initial testing the vehicle passed successfully, the decision of a series-production was quickly made. The BMW i8 is the next step in the evolution of the BMW Vision for efficient dynamics concept. The result: The car's most progressive and innovative sport of all time. This BMW i8 is a strict two seats, the doors opened up and a removable roof in two parts. Its innovative concept of plug-in hybrid combines the electric drive system from modification of the BMW i3 - fixed on the front axle - with a high performance three-cylinder engine giving 164 kW/220 hp, Do the run from 0 to 100 km/h in less then 5 seconds. Working in tandem, they allow two drive systems to display their talents to the maximum, getting the performance of a sports car, and fuel consumption of a small car.

BMW i8
for more photos Click here

Friday, May 25, 2012

BMW i8 | pictures

    BMW i8 | pictures 

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tips to buy a high used car

Advices before buying new car | Auto Club

If you are looking for a new car, but are puzzled due to the selection of the Brands and the model, then internet can be very useful for you. Apart from providing the latest information on all new cars in the market, the Internet can help to determine the credibility of the merchant. Even if your search about used cars.  Moreover, you will find many options with merchants selling cars online.

used cars

However, it is best to conduct comprehensive research on the Internet about the credibility of the trader and price of the car that decided on different locations. However, you should be careful of fraudulent traders who may try tempted you by discounts. Must therefore be alert for any details about the car so as not to fall victim to commercial fraud. Must be realistic in judging the value of the car, because no one sells you something and it leads to significant losses.

On the other hand, you must know all the details of the car that are considering to purchase, specifications, price, accessories, furniture and services provided by the manufacturer of the car.
Feature and the other is where the broad scope of research that you have a better chance to negotiate if you know what other traders offer so you can choose the most useful to you. If you are on a hurry
, it is recommended that you choose your car online
used cars
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